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Tired of Fighting?


We all have conflict. It's usually not the big blow up - it's more like the tense conversation around the breakfast table or the difficulties with an angry neighbor, an overbearing boss, or a moody teenager.

These everyday conflicts build up walls and tear down relationships wherever they occur - at home, at work, or anywhere in between.


There's good news and real hope.


We are presenting a six week course every Wednesday evening at 19:30 from the 24th of February 2016 that unpacks the amazing things that the Bible has to say about conflict and relationships.


We will be looking at the following

 - Facing the flames of Conflict

 - A new way of thinking

 - Go to higher ground (Glorify God)

 - Get real about yourself

 - Accepting responsibility: Making an effective apology

 - Gentle engagment and restoration

 - Get together on lasting solutions (Go and be reconciled)

 - Overcome Evil with Good



Throughout this study you'll find the powerful and practical answers you are looking for to forever change how conflict looks in your life.



$30 Per person

$20 Per person who already have the book


Please RSVP Mark Parsons 0432 969 650.

Booking is essential


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