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Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to be a God-fearing people, who live for God, Love one another and who lead our community to Christ by God’s Grace.




By God’s Grace we exist to Glorify God, Grow in Christ, Love one another and Reach our community with the Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit.




1. Christ Centered

Seeing Jesus as the center of all God’s plans and the focus of our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit


2. Glorifying God

Seeing all of our lives as an act of devotion to God and seeing Him as our only true source of hope.


3. God’s Word

A passion to read, know and obey God’s Word


4. Outreach

Reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus with the Gospel and having a heart for the downcast. Being committed to meeting the needs of others even when it comes at a cost to us.


5. Fellowship

We value loving and serving one another, meeting together to strengthen each other’s faith in Jesus.

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